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        GHB series general purpose reducer

        GHB series general purpose reducer


        GHB系列 通用減速器1

        • Product description
        • GH and B series gearboxes refer to similar foreign products and adopt a new design, which is mainly manifested in:
          1. High modularity, less parts and more gearbox specifications
          2. High transmission power and high operation reliability.
          Installation form
          GH and B series gearboxes can be installed in a flexible way, either horizontally or vertically, or in other forms as required by users. Under the condition of correct type selection, normal use and maintenance, the service life of the main parts of the gearbox (except vulnerable parts) is generally no less than 50000 hours. The main parts of the noise gearbox are processed precisely. The gear grinding adopts the low noise shaping technology, adopts the noise absorbing box mechanism and passes the careful assembly and test, so the noise of the gearbox is low.
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