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        CDT410W Double Twister

        CDT410W Double Twister



        • Product description
        •   CDT410W Double Twister
            Briefly introduces
            CDT410W Double Twister is a special equipment for finished steel cord with the structure of  3+9×0.22+0.15 production.It can be taken up by B40、B60、B80 spool.The equipment with braider can shape and process steel cord  for once.(speed of braider can be up to 15500 rpm ) 
            3 spools 188 ,are placed horizontally in cored wire cradle.One side is a spool and a counterweight,the other are 2 spools.
            9 spools 188 ,are placed horizontally in facial wire cradle.One side are 4 spools and a counterweight,the other are 5 spools. Between cored wire spool and facial wire spool transmission,the speed of spools always keep constant with the connection of synchronous belt.
            technical parameter:
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