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        TD2-300 Double twister

        TD2-300 Double twister



        • Product description
        •   TD2-300 Double Twister
            Briefly introduces
            TD2-601 Double Twister belongs to "twins" device,that is, two devices share one frame.Two independent mechanism, are controlled by two sets of electric control system independently.
            This equipment mainly used to produce 3×4、3×7 semifinished steel cord( taken up by B40、B60 or B80 spool ).
            There are 3 spools 188 can be placed inside the cradle.Installing counterweight makes the cradle keep balance. To ensure the quality of finished steel cord,there are compensation device for inspecting residual torque between taking up device and pulling device. 
            technical parameter:
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        Time of issue:2020-03-26 00:00:00

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