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        Straight wire drawing machine

        Straight wire drawing machine









        • Product description
        •   Main technical parameters of linear wire drawing machine
          Product features:
          1. Adopt the gear box with hard tooth surface after grinding, which is free of maintenance for 70000 hours;
          2. The machine is segmented, fast installation and no foundation is needed on site;
          3. The drum material is 45 × steel, the surface is sprayed with WC alloy, the internal is treated with anti-corrosion, the working surface hardness is ≥ HRC62 °, the service life is ≥ 22000 hours,
          4. The mold box can be selected in various forms: ①, mixing mold box ②, rotating mold box ③, pulling seal ④, high-pressure water cooling, etc;
          5. A number of technologies can be selected by customers, such as centralized refueling technology, rotating die box technology, equipment dust removal and cleaning technology, etc;
          6. The machine can dump the drum at will. If one machine fails, it can dump the failed machine. The compression ratio is distributed to other machines, and the whole machine can be produced as usual;
          7. The control system has perfect fault sampling, fault alarm, fault query and other fault processing systems and important fault alarm and shutdown functions; the alarm information can accurately point out each fault point and provide accurate prompt; the electrical control has passed the EU CE certification;
          8. It is not necessary to set any parameters for changing process specifications, and the program is self-adaptive; according to the data changes, it can be intuitively judged whether the product is out of tolerance, whether the mold should be changed, without shutdown detection, and high equipment efficiency;
          9. It can be equipped with remote network diagnosis function to improve energy; carry out remote maintenance of equipment;
          10. Management of MES system and Internet of things equipment;
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